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Little Wonders Convent School (LWCS) is affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) and hence adheres to the curriculum structure outlined by the Council. The objective is to provide a strong foundation at the elementary level and to facilitate upward mobility so that the students derive full benefit of the ICSE and the ISC curriculum while also meeting the learning objectives set out in the National Education Policy of India. 


The Pre-school courses follow a universal approach wherein learning takes place in form of play experiences. The instruction framework includes strategies to engage kids by using play techniques and activities that invoke the process of critical thinking in young minds. 


The Primary section offers array of subjects including English, Hindi, Mathematics, Environmental Studies, Science, Social Studies, Computer Studies & Arts Education. While English is treated as the first language as a part of this curriculum, it also promotes multilingualism with Hindi. Mathematics focusses on reasoning and mental processes. The Environmental Studies (EVS) curriculum (Classes I-II) is presented as an integrated curricular area following the thematic approach. A multi-disciplinary approach of Science and Social Studies has been followed and the concepts and concerns have been addressed through various themes, identified from different discipline in these areas. Computer Studies, has been developed with the focus on use of technology in Education. 


The Middle and Senior sections continue with advanced lessons in the subjects. A third language is offered in addition to English and Hindi. Mathematics learning at this stage is to consolidate and expand the learning through problem solving techniques. Science at this stage branches out into Physics, Chemistry and Biology, so as to help children understand the issues and concerns specific areas. Computer Studies curriculum focuses on acquisition of knowledge and skills in ICT so as to enable students to use common software applications and technology to access and utilize information. 


The School has classes from Nursery to XII. Each class has minimum three sections. The exam structure comprises of three terms namely, Quarterly, Half-yearly and Annual. School seniors can are offered a choice between PCM, PCB, Commerce with Maths/Economics/ Computer Science/PE when making a specialization selection.

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