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School Campus

The school consists of 56 classrooms, a well planned playground for different games and sports along with a centrally located assembly area. The dining area allows for a comfortable space for eating meals. Keeping in mind the safety and security of the pupils, CCTV cameras have been installed across the campus. The campus is equipped with Wi-Fi to support the smart classroom setup.


The spacious and well-ventilated classrooms are planned to accommodate 30 to 40 students each. Most out of the 56 classrooms are equipped with the latest teaching equipments. In addition to this, the two fully equipped Audio-visual rooms ensure that the school is always on the forefront of changing technology in the area of education. The communication setup of speakers and microphones in each classroom allow for a direct transmission link for announcements etc. 


The campus includes 4 subject area labs namely, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Geography. The labs are well furnished with equipments required for the respective subjects, to help students relate theories along with their practical applications. The lab infrastructure is central to the teaching ideology at LWCS, wherein practical training is seen as an essential part of the learning process.

Computer Room

The computer lab has 40 upgraded computer systems that support advanced software configurations. This lab also consists of a conference table to enable theorical teaching and discussions for advanced lessons. The software capabilities ranges from basics like Microsoft Office to superior multimedia softwares.

Computer Room.jpeg

The school library holds an array of resources that are made available to meet the academic and recreational reading needs of the students. The titles housed cover a variety of reading interests like fiction, non-fiction, literature, biographies, classics, poetry as well as reference material. The ambiance of the library is aimed at creating an environment which promotes intellectual, artistic, cultural, social and emotional learning.

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The school offers transportation facilities thus transcending the geographic barriers and providing a reliable and safe commutation option for its students across the city. The GPS & CCTV fitted buses along with well trained conductors guarantee the well being of the children. 

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