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Head Girl- Akshara Jain.jpeg

"...I believe all of us, have a spark and little child inside of us, who is inquisitive, about exploring the world and learning as we grow..."

Akshara Jain

Head Girl

Head Boy- Anmol Sunhere.jpeg

"...I have become a better version of myself & explored being a leader, an actor, an artist, a dancer and also focus on academics..."

Anmol Sunhare

Head Boy

Discipline Head-Sameer Chouhan.jpeg

"...My leadership journey has taught me that it is only knowledge & strength of a person that matters..."

Sameer Chouhan

Discipline Head

Discipline Head-Vansh Gurjar.jpeg

"...Discipline is not just about following rules but it also helps each one of us make good decisions..."

Vansh Gurjar

Discipline Head

Discipline Head-Bhavy Rai.jpeg

"...My journey as a student leader has taught me about kindness, communication, teamwork and adaptability..."

Bhavy Rai

Discipline Head


Student Council_edited.jpg

A student-based civic group that helps the school promote the culture, heritage, spirit, and leadership among students by participating in different levels of responsibilities. The Council maintains a high standard of personal conduct. The Council expresses leadership qualities by instilling the values of self-motivation, self-confidence, and sensibility within them. By serving as good examples through their words and actions, the student council participates in activities that help to enhance the quality of the school's physical and behavioural environment.


Discipline Team_edited_edited.jpg

One of the yardsticks used to evaluate the school's performance is its discipline. Discipline aids in the creation of a conducive learning environment, due to which a thorough and methodical discipline policy at the school is required. The discipline policy is also intended to enhance equity in disciplinary action.


Furthermore, the School Discipline Body investigates and plans all necessary actions to ensure the safety and security of all pupils. The committee members above make the students feel at ease with their surroundings and the School campus. It makes every effort to create a welcoming environment for them on campus.​


To empower and develop leadership skills and community feel of students. Little Wonders Convent School elects a student council every year. 


Objectives of the Student Leadership Program are to:

  • Develop a positive attitude and conduct among the students by becoming a bridge between teachers and management.

  • Provide a democratic form in which students can address school-related issues that affect their lives.

  • Maintain open communication between students and school staff.

  • Train and educate students about their duties and responsibilities toward the school.

  • To develop and maintain school morale and general welfare.

  • To plan and execute special events or projects.

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