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Annual Concert

The concert combines co-curricular competences with cultural talents of our students which results in well prepared dance, drama and musical performances. It also provides parents & guardians the opportunity to witness the many talents of their children.


Art & Craft Exhibition

The art exhibition is a showcase of visual art pieces created by the students which is an outcome of regular art lessons and each students’ personal creativity. Often times students are encouraged to use waste materials innovatively when creating their work of art.

Science Fair

The science fair aims at providing a platform for our students to experience the practical aspects of science. The effort that goes into researching, setting up and performing the act teaches each participant sufficiently about the topic.


Annual Funfair

The Funfair event provides an opportunity wherein students, teachers and parents collaborate to have fun along with some basic fund-raising. The various food, game and service stalls arranged charge a minimal fee and have something for all ages and skill levels.

Sports Day

The sports day consists of inter-house sports competitions along with a unanimous school drill. The events include, but are not limited to track races, relay, long jump, javelin throw, drill formations, marching event etc.

Festival Celebation

The festival celebrations are meant to create an inclusive environment for students from all cultural backgrounds. It creates awareness & understanding among students with regard to varied cultural beliefs. 

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