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Helping Students To Cope-up With Pandemic Uncertainty In Classrooms

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

With the pandemic hitting the world and the change in the educational system, the educational environment has changed to a greater extend. It has been a long weekend or a big student vacation, bouncing back time and studying patterns. It also becomes difficult for students to come back from their comfort zone and study wholeheartedly. The alarm bell announcing the first day back of school can be a little exhausting at first. Still, with the best CISCE school in town – LITTLE WONDERS CONVENT SCHOOL, education and learning become fun and a joyful process whether you're an anxious newcomer or an alluring senior who is having a new start back to school. A time of transition is sure: new classes, new teachers, new schedules, and a new learning atmosphere.

Since the online learning experiment of 2020, due to pandemics, has its schedules and traditional approaches to school and family life, parents can now leverage necessary lessons learned to start afresh and lively normal that better supports students' well-being and engagement with learning. Although online classes had their benefits of flexibility and comfort, there were still some backlogs in the educational system. Kids were surely disturbed and under pressure with homework, extracurriculars, and family or work obligations. They started feeling stressed and involved where they lost their co-curricular growth. They were even not getting nearly enough sleep. Now is the time to judge and understand what is best for your children and family atmosphere and consider establishing new norms and amendments in the learning environment.

Uncertainty In Madhya Pradesh For Offline-online Classes

Madhya Pradesh Schools announced to remain close from January 15 to January 31 in the state because of the comeback of the pandemic wave. Although the pandemic has surely made us variable to offline-online classes, it is also observed that children are finding it difficult to cope up with the present situation of education. With the announcement from Madhya Pradesh CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan, the uncertainty of learning remains the same. Now, students will be giving their exams online, at-home format. With the latest updates, it is also announced that MP Board Exam 2022 Class 10, 12 pre-board exams will be conducted as per the schedule but in 'Take Home Exam' format, and learning would be strictly online.

With the present guidelines issued by the state to protect the students from the pandemic, schools for all classes are announced to remain close from January 15 to January 31. It is mandatory for all private and public schools in the state.

In an official statement, CM Chouhan also introduced a guideline describing that all classes from Std 1 to 12 will strictly remain closed. All the educational work will again be transferred to online mode in the state. Again, it is a statement of uncertainty and dilemma for many schools and students. As the present scenario does not allow the nation's youth to be at risk, the state will review the situation at the end of the month to make new amendments in the educational pattern. It is when students must mentally prepare themselves to come out of their shells and work on coping with the back-to-school hustle. Although the learning is temporarily initiated in online mode, it can shift to offline mode.

Coping Up With The Pandemic Uncertainty And Accepting The Transition In Easy & Faster Ways;

Following are some of the ways to accept the transition from summer to school a little easier and confident way: -

First-Day Craze

With proper preparation and good vibes, it is a fact that the first day of school can be really fun and crazy. The environment is really good and amazing for the school if you have proper planning. The school has a fun-loving and happy atmosphere to create a multi-dimensional growth atmosphere for the child. A child with the best co-curricular activities' encouragement in LITTLE WONDERS CONVENT SCHOOL can easily explore any fields that are of particular interest, such as the gymnasium, library, or science labs and much more. Also, decide your favourite field and master your interest and talent.


With a new learning environment (as it took so long to come back to school), a simple and effective equation works, i.e., new place + new learning environment = new emotions. Many students ger anxious, scared, or excited about school and studying in the perfect learning environment. Although students who are wearing their school bags again as seniors may be happy and contented as they are in higher classes and can't resist visiting and meeting with friends and favourite teachers.

After going back to school, you must feel confident and control your emotions to a great extend for perfect growth. It can be a little difficult for the child to cope with the ultimate change, but the feeling could be awesome if you are confident and worry-free.

Meeting new people or getting reacquainted with your friends can make you feel excited and overwhelmed, especially if you're a little shy or reserved type. In this case, you can start small. If large groups make you nervous or introverted, try welcoming and speaking to one or two new people a day — the kid that sits next to yours is a good initiative to start.

Try To Avoid The Urge To Overschedule

After many months of restrictions and offline learning experience, the process of learning from school might make you over-exerting and dive you back in and immediately pack your child's schedule with the sports, arts, and other activities that they've been missing. Many children enjoy meeting their friends and are joyful to join their peers in extracurricular activities that they enjoy. Also, in some cases, parents encourage and want their children to play outdoor, switch off devices, and engage in healthy tasks. But it is also recommended to slow down a bit and start an easy back into activities for comfort and letting your child take the lead.

  • Consider encouraging your kid to pick their favourite and most loved and meaningful activity to try first while keeping in mind that some kids may or may not be interested in going back to an old activity. Maybe their interests have transformed with time, and they aren't ready for close contact in person. In some cases, maybe they feel a little overwhelmed socially. So, it is important to be relaxed and be patient and not create a hustle.

  • Take care of the children who want to "do it all," or those who like to take on extra work or family obligations or pick-ups, that they may require to cut back to prioritize time for schoolwork and learning.

Focus On Human Connections And Relationships

Coming back to a highly structured routine with limited flexibility may be a welcome relief and excitement for some and major stress for others. It creates a feeling of longing for a return to in-person school and activities; re-entry may be either disturbing or maybe a little challenging. After so long cut-down of children from the society and outside world, there may be some big setbacks of them being socially active and may face some of the problems related to human connections and relationships.

Some kids have also struggled to face the situation outside their homes emotionally and academically during remote, or we can say online learning, so they may intend to avoid and reduce their tension and stressful social/peer pressures, bullying, or racism. Other kids have experienced unprecedented ways out of isolation from their peers, teachers, communities, and support systems. Some will adjust and makeover the situation quickly and actively re-establishes their relationships and social connections. Others may be having a big lack of confidence in their social skills and need more support, motivation and encouragement as they return, especially as they reframe into spaces that didn't feel safe before the pandemic.

The answer to this problem is that you understand your child better than anyone. So, you need to pay attention to your child's behaviour and listen to their concerns and issues. If they show any signals or signs of not liking to go back to school, try and understand the root cause. If the first week is difficult for them, consider whether this may be due to overexertion, exhaustion, social anxiety, not feeling academically ready, or legitimate fears about Covid. It is your topmost priority to check what is in your child's mind regularly, normalize their experiences, and offer the reassurance of the safety of their emotions and security of their health.

Take Away

Make your child comfortable and happy with the situations of society. Try to understand the situation and relax with the situation outside the house. Please help them eat a healthy breakfast, sleep properly and get a balanced diet to make them feel physically fit and ready for the outside world. Also, try to make them more socially involved to create a holistic environment for their growth. As the uncertainty remains to make your life a bit confusing, try to cope up with the pandemic. Let's work on this together and bring a better future for our nation.

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