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Preparing For The Upcoming Exam Season

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

ICSE board exam is a difficult nut to crack. The exam tends the student to make a rigorous and exhaustive preparation. Students need to start their preparation early on time with the preparedness and finish it before the exam time to get enough time for revision and practice. Additionally, they should also take care of their diet and daily habits like eating and drinking healthy foods to keep themselves fit and fine to undergo the exam pressure. One cannot take ICSE board exams lightly to score the highest marks in the final exam. If not, it could lead to pressure, tension, and ultimate downfall.

In this blog, we have listed down the tips and tricks for ICSE board exam preparation strategy to score high marks in the final exam quickly and efficiently.

Scoring high marks in ICSE Board Exam

As we all know, hard work and dedication is the only sure-shot mantra to score 95% in the final exam; you may also need to be thorough and responsible during the exam preparation phase. You should make and follow the proper schedule and religiously work on it throughout your exam preparation course of time. Below are some of the important points to be consolidated that a student should follow while preparing for the board exam or yearly exam as well.

• Understand the syllabus – A student should first and foremost know and understand the complete syllabus of the ICSE Board exam thoroughly and work hard towards completing it. The board exam syllabus is usually planned, well-defined, explicit, and systematic. All you need is to follow the fundamental and systematic approach to your exam preparations. Just make sure you know and are 100% familiar with the correct and optimum syllabus and the marking exam system.

Refer to good books – Although you get complete education and learning in the school, more practice is the best way to boost your score in the exam. It’s well said – PRACTICE MAKES A MAN PERFECT. When we talk about good reference books, it means a smaller number of textbooks but quality books to enhance your conceptual understanding in an easy and better way. There is no need to stick to ten books at a time to prepare for the exam. Learn everything from your school notes, some 1-2 reference material recommended by your teachers, and study guides. You can even take points from the excellent reference books and create your handwritten notes to prepare for the test for better understanding and an excellent conceptual approach.

Practice – You should practice and practice and adopt a good revision habit for better results. Once you have completed understanding or studying one single chapter, immediately solve multiple questions related to those topics to get a thorough practice of the title. You can even solve past year's question papers or MCQs for practice.

Study for understanding – A student should be well-aware that mugging up leads to forgetting things when you're in a panic or a worried exam schedule. Good scores come with understanding because they will be remembered for life. It would be best if you stopped counting hours, but start studying till the time you understand a topic or chapter in the best possible way. Take a break if you do not like to understand the concept and start fresh with the same title later on. As soon as you understand the title, prepare the notes in your own words to refer to it before your exams or revise it at least once a week. To make sure that you do not lose track in between, you should also have a solid study plan. Make a plan in the very beginning and follow it for the complete year.

Don't take it as a burden – Your study pattern is essential and matters a lot. If you are desperate and want to score the highest marks in the exam, you should start loving your books. You shouldn't feel them as a burden. Try to make the learning process enjoyable – grasp things excitingly and appealingly.

Tips to Follow on the Day of Examination

• It is highly recommended to take a sound sleep of 7-8 hours before the examination – be it your boards, final exams, or competitive examination. A good amount of sleep on the previous night will help you feel fresh, enthusiastic, and energetic.

• The exam pattern generally offers the first 15 minutes to read and understand the questions paper. In this quality time, you have to read the question paper and understand the critical and sure-shot questions that you have to attempt first.

• As the student starts writing the answers to the questions, it is advised first to read the question carefully and adequately. It will help if you read the question at least two times to make simple errors marked deducting. Write the answers to the questions to the point and according to the syllabus.

• Always cross-check before you mention the question number in your answer sheet. It is crucial to check it twice or thrice before giving the teacher your answer sheet. Otherwise, even if you know the answer or you've written the correct answer for the wrong question number, you may lose marks if you haven't put the question number properly.

• While writing the answer, sometimes you may get confused or feel a situation when you are scared to write the answer, or you don't know the answers, yet you should try to be at your best, concentrate on the rest of the questions and solve the question according to your knowledge.

• On the day of examination, you should avoid the intake of heavy or oily food, even before the examination. It is recommended because it may make you feel uneasy and sleepy. To reduce the chances of this situation, always take a light and healthy meal before attending the exam.

Take Away

The student should never forget that there is no shortcut to success and scoring high marks in the ICSE Board exam is not an easy task too. You have to study hard and smart to secure well in the exam. At Little Wonders Convent School, our expert faculty aim to provide proper guidance and give optimum preparation to your child in the right direction with the right ICSE Boards understanding and exam strategies so that students can score excellent marks in the ultimate exam.

All the best!

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